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Green Century to Launch Fossil Fuel Free International Fund

The Green Century MSCI International Index Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing in the common stocks comprising the MSCI World ex USA SRI ex Fossil Fuels Index (the World ex USA SRI ex Fossil Fuels Index or the Index), a custom index calculated by MSCI Inc. Get a preliminary prospectus and learn more.


How Kellogg Company* is Protecting Rainforests and Making a Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain

In early 2014, Kellogg Company announced its ground-breaking pledge to further clean up its palm oil supply chain, becoming one of the first companies to commit to protect Southeast Asian rainforests by only buying palm oil that does not cause deforestation. The company has made swift and significant progress — 92% of its palm oil can now be traced to suppliers following a zero-deforestation policy. Read more.

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Investors Call on the DOJ to Investigate Exxon*

Recent reports indicate that ExxonMobil knew about climate change decades ago, and used its knowledge to mount an aggressive campaign to undermine climate science and delay policies to regulate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading.

Take These Four Easy Steps to Fund Your Retirement

Take These Easy Steps to Fund Your Retirement

You can open a new IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or transfer or “roll over” an existing IRA to either the Green Century Balanced Fund or the Green Century Equity Fund.

Learn how and get started.


Defining Fossil Fuel Free Investing

For Green Century, and for many other leaders in the fossil fuel free investing movement, investing fossil fuel free has a very clear definition: it means no investing in companies whose only, core, or majority business is the exploration, extraction, refining, processing, or distribution of fossil fuels. Read the full article.


Download the Guide to Fossil Fuel Free Investing

Green Century,, and Trillium have just published “Extracting Fossil Fuels from Your Portfolio: An Updated Guide to Personal Divestment and Reinvestment.” This 30-page guide is available FREE. Download it today!


Making a Clean Energy Impact

Green Century successfully pressured a leader in women’s healthcare, Hologic, Inc.,* to adopt goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which will reduce carbon pollution and protect the company’s brand. Continue reading.