Fossil Fuel Free Investing

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Invest Fossil Fuel Free

You care about the planet.

But, without realizing it, you may be supporting the very companies that are driving climate change. The fact is that most mutual funds invest in coal, oil and fracking companies.

Instead, you can invest in Green Century’s two completely fossil fuel free mutual fundsthe Green Century Balanced Fund and Green Century Equity Fund.

Both funds seek competitive returns and aim to invest in environmental innovators. Open an account online, email us at or call us at 1-800-93-GREEN (1-800-934-7336).

Green Century is proud to be the first and only family of diversified, responsible fossil fuel free mutual funds.

You can view the complete holdings of the Funds here.


Resources for Investors and Advisors


Fossil Fuel Free Performance

Prominent studies have found that a fossil fuel free portfolio can follow the general trends of the market. Read more here: