Founded by Advocacy Organizations

The Only Mutual Fund Company Owned by Non-Profit Advocacy Organizations 

Green Century Capital Management, the investment advisor of the Green Century Funds, is the only mutual fund company founded and owned by environmental non-profit organizations.

Unique Ownership Supports Non-Profits 

This unique ownership means that 100% of the profits that Green Century Capital Management earns on its management of the Green Century Funds belong to its non-profit organization owners. In our case, that means the profits we earn managing the Funds support the state Public Interest Research Groups, the PIRGs that founded Green Century.*

A Pioneer in Impact Investing

Impact Investing is a newer term for simply using your investments to make a concrete impact on issues and in communities about which an investor cares.  Through our owners, Green Century has been making an impact since we started in 1991.

Some of the many achievements of the state PIRGs and the Public Interest Network on the environment, public health and government accountability include:

  • Helped gain permanent protection for natural and archaeological wonders by creating three national monuments in California, Nevada and Texas
  • Protected thousands of rivers and drinking supply sources across the country
  • Expanded solar energy through leading the Million Solar Roofs Initiative in California, convincing Massachusetts to power 50,000 homes with solar energy and securing pro-solar policies in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, New Jersey and North Carolina

Some of their current priorities include:

  • Stopping the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms
  • Banning fracking wherever possible
  • Securing approval of carbon pollution regulations for dirty coal plants
  • Working against the influence of Big Money in politics

You can learn more about the work of the national federation of State PIRGs at

*Green Century was founded by a partnership of nine organizations: MASSPIRG, NJPIRG, MOPIRG, COPIRG, WASHPIRG, CALPIRG, ConnPIRG, PIRGIM and the Fund for the Public Interest.