Founded by Advocacy Organizations

Green Century’s commitment to protecting the environment is rooted in its origins. Green Century Capital Management, the investment advisor of the Green Century Funds, was founded in 1991 by a partnership of environmental advocacy organizations, making it the only investment advisory firm with this ownership structure. Several of Green Century’s owners are non-profit organizations, the state Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), giving Green Century unique access to the national and state based issue research and campaigns of these renowned organizations.

This means that, unlike nearly every other socially or environmentally responsible mutual fund, protecting the environment is our foundation.

Like any other investment firm, 100% of the profits that Green Century Capital Management earns on its management of the Green Century Funds belong to its owners. In Green Century’s case, the owners are non-profit advocacy organizations. So, any profits made can be put towards leading environmental campaigns such as promoting energy conservation and the use of alternative energy.