Sustainable Investment Strategy

Green Century offers two mutual funds that invest in companies that are committed to a sustainable future, while avoiding those that are environmentally negligent in their policies, processes or products. Green Century believes that companies that are environmentally responsible could enjoy competitive advantages possibly including cost and liability reductions, quality improvements, profitability enhancements, and access to new and expanding growth markets. Green Century uses a set of negative and positive screens for each Fund so you can align your investments with your support of clean air, safe water and a stable climate.

View our screening policies below:

Balanced Fund
Equity Fund
• Fossil Fuels
• Nuclear Energy/Weapons
• Factory Farming and GMOs
• Military Weapons/Firearms
• Tobacco
• Fossil Fuels
• Military Weapons/Firearms
• Nuclear Energy/Weapons
• Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
• Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling
• Energy Efficiency and Renewables
• Water Treatment/Conservation
• Air Pollution Control/Prevention
• Environmentally Sustainable Companies
• Companies with strong Social and Governance policies
• Implement sustainable practices amongst employees and throughout the supply chain