Financial Advisors

Green Century values the opportunity to serve financial advisors and their clients who are interested in environmentally responsible and sustainable investments.

Unique Non-Profit Ownership That Makes a Difference

Twenty five years ago, a group of non-profit environmental leaders decided to help people save for their future without compromising their values. That means that every dime of every dollar that Green Century Capital Management earns managing our Funds belongs to state and national non-profit advocacy organizations.

Learn more about our history and ownership structure.

Investment Strategy

Green Century believes that in the long run, companies that seek to protect the environment may be more profitable than companies that do not. All Funds seek competitive returns by investing in sustainability leaders while avoiding companies that are not managing environmental risks.

Learn more about our strategy to seek competitive returns.

Long-term Diversified Investments

Our no-load Funds offer individuals and institutions a way to invest responsibly for their families and the future.

Learn more about our MSCI International Index Fund.

Learn more about our Equity Fund.

Learn more about our Balanced Fund.

Impact Investing

Green Century leverages your clients’ investments to accomplish their environmental and public health goals. We actively work with companies to make a difference on issues that our investors care about, especially climate change, forests, sustainable agriculture, toxic chemicals and political spending.

Learn more about how we make an impact.

Purchase Information

The no-load Green Century Balanced Fund and Green Century Equity Fund are easily and conveniently available for purchase through most financial intermediaries and platforms, including Charles Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource®, Fidelity FundsNetwork, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, and other mutual fund networks and brokers. The no-load Green Century International Index Fund is available for purchase through many financial intermediaries and platforms and will become available on more platforms in the coming months. The Funds are also available for purchase directly through Green Century.

Selling Agreements

If the Green Century Funds are not yet available through your broker, please contact us to establish a Selling Agreement.

Kristina Curtis, Senior Vice President

Other Investment Professionals

We also welcome and have experience working with institutional investors, investment consultants, retirement plan providers, pension funds, family offices, endowments, foundations, non-profit organizations, and other investment professionals who wish to integrate environmental and social analysis into their investment decisions.

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