Raising the Standard for Industry Certification (Continued)


Green Century believes that robust independent verification is a critical transitional step to full integration of forestry policies. For several years, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) filled this role by setting a strong standard for companies to meet. Unfortunately, the RSPO’s current definition of ‘sustainable’ has fallen below those of new company policies and is too weak to curb the negative environmental impacts of palm oil production. Specifically, the RSPO certification fails to include critical protections for secondary forests and peatlands in its standards.

Green Century, in coordination with other investors and non-profits, pressed the RSPO to raise its standards and provide the needed third party monitoring mechanism for the palm oil industry.

Green Century and its allies organized investors to call on the RSPO in an effort to require that companies report against progress and ongoing performance. With the RSPO NEXT guidelines now released, Green Century again will mobilize investors to comment on the standards.