The Green Century Funds


Green Century is a leader in environmentally and socially responsible investing. Through our three-pronged approach, we offer investors the opportunity to make an impact in a way no other mutual fund family can: through investing in sustainable companies; our leading shareholder advocacy program; and our unique ownership, where 100% of the profits earned managing the Green Century Funds can be used to support the environmental and public health work of our non-profit owners.

Green Century believes that companies that seek to protect the environment by avoiding dangerous practices and policies may be more profitable in the long run since they may be likely to have less exposure to devalued or stranded carbon assets, they may avoid costly litigation, and may be better prepared for new regulatory restrictions. Green Century also believes that companies that pay attention to environmental, social and governance factors and take proactive actions around public health and environmental issues may enjoy a competitive advantage in appealing to consumers concerned about a company’s commitment to sustainability, and avoid damage to their brands.

Investment Strategy

All our Funds avoid these dangerous industries and corporations:

• Fossil fuel companies

• Fossil fuel fired utilities and companies with carbon reserves

• Producers of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

• Civilian firearms and military weapons companies

• Nuclear power companies

• Companies that derive revenues from tobacco

And instead seek to invest in companies that:

• Have outstanding rankings on environmental factors, including performance on critical environmental impacts

• Apply extensive sustainability criteria throughout their supply chains

• Minimize risks to air, water and public health

• Act as socially responsible companies in the communities in which they operate

• Rank highly on governance factors

• Are environmental innovators such as energy efficiency and clean energy companies

• Are sustainable agriculture companies involved in natural and organic foods

The MSCI International Index Fund

The Green Century MSCI International Index Fund invests in the stocks of foreign companies in developed markets chosen for their outstanding environmental, social and governance factors. This passively managed Fund invests in the stocks of companies included in the MSCI World ex USA SRI ex Fossil Fuels Index, customized to screen out fossil fuel companies.

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The Equity Fund

The passively managed Green Century Equity Fund invests in the stocks of hundreds of U.S. companies that comprise the longest-running sustainability index, the MSCI KLD 400 Social ex Fossil Fuels Index, customized to screen out fossil fuel companies.

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The Balanced Fund

The actively managed Green Century Balanced Fund invests predominately in U.S. companies and green bonds, including those that finance climate mitigation projects worldwide.

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