December 19, 2017

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As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to share our favorite highlights from our work of delivering impact to you, our supporters, over the course of the past year.

The past year has been so full of news, events, and Green Century successes that we have separated highlights from 2017 into two different newsletters. Below, please find the first half of the top 10 happenings from our work and the industry.


10. Impact Investing Goes Global 

Interest in making an impact continues to grow around the world. For example, 1800 investment firms are signatories to the United Nations Principles on Responsible Investing (PRI), the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment.

As a signatory to the Principles and the only U.S. firm on the organization’s Advisory Committee for the Palm Oil Working Group, Green Century met with global investors at the annual conference in Berlin in October to involve them in our Tropical Forest Protection Campaign.

Right: Green Century’s President, Leslie Samuelrich and keynote Per Bolund, the Swedish Minister for Financial Markets and Deputy Finance Minister, at PRI’s conference in Germany.

Leslie Samuelrich with Per Bolund Deputy Finance Minister, Sweden at PRI in Berlin Oct 2017


9. Protecting Our Oceans

Oceans are the lifeblood of planet Earth and humankind. They cover nearly three-quarters of our planet, produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere, and are home to over one million species of plants and animals.

Unfortunately, this precious ecosystem is being destroyed by the global fishing industry; 89% of global fish stocks are fished at unsustainable levels or at capacity. That is why we are working with Ceres on a new initiative to protect our oceans, kicking off the new year.


Brianna Rainville tabling at Unitarian Universalist General Assembly Jun 20178. Connecting with Our Investors

We were lucky this year to have the opportunity to meet many of you in person at events from Philadelphia to Chicago to Los Angeles, including conferences dedicated to sustainable agriculture and food systems in NYC, gatherings of land trust staff and advocates in CO, a religious community convening in LA, and a number of local environmental events.

Let us know if you are attending an event you think we should join you at in 2018!

Right: Brianna Rainville from Green Century talking to an investor at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in New Orleans in June.


7. Working with Our Community of Financial Advisors

As more financial advisors adopt environmentally responsible investing in their practices, we feel privileged to work with both long-time supporters and new adopters from Florida to Washington state who are working to make an impact for their clients and we have spoken at more events with advisors in 2017 than in any other year.


6. Keeping Antibiotics Effective

People rely on antibiotics to fight infections, from medical procedures ranging from surgery to childbirth. But, the effectiveness of antibiotics is threatened by their overuse. The largest culprits are factory farms that buy more than 70% of the antibiotics sold in the United States for use on raising animals.
To end the routine use of medically important antibiotics in raising animals, Green Century worked with both Starbucks* and Jack in the Box* to adopt commitments to phase out poultry raised with antibiotics. Together, these new policies will affect more than 10,000 stores in the United States.
(left to right) Green Century's Erin Gray with Starbucks' Senior Manager, Community and Public Affairs, Stacey Krum, and WASHPIRG's Bruce Speight at the Starbucks Annual General Meeting.

(left to right) Green Century’s President Leslie Samuelrich with Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Risk Officer of Jack in the Box Phillip Rudolph, and Green Century Shareholder Advocate Marissa LaFave in San Diego. 

(left to right) Green Century's Erin Gray with Starbucks' Senior Manager, Community and Public Affairs, Stacey Krum, and WASHPIRG's Bruce Speight at the Starbucks Annual General Meeting.

(left to right) Green Century’s Erin Gray with Starbucks’ Senior Manager, Community and Public Affairs, Stacey Krum, and WASHPIRG’s Bruce Speight at the Starbucks Annual General Meeting.

Thank you, again, for joining us in working towards a more sustainable future, and stay tuned for part 2 of our Top 10.


*As of September 30, 2017, Starbucks Corporation comprised 1.77%, 0.84% and 0.00% and Jack in the Box, Inc. comprised 0.00%, 0.03% and 0.00% of the Green Century Balanced Fund, the Green Century Equity Fund and the Green Century MSCI International Index Fund. References to specific securities, which will change due to the ongoing management of the Funds, should not be construed as a recommendation by the Funds, their administrator, or their distributor.

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