August 24, 2016

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As interest in fossil fuel free investing grows – today, the divestment movement represents over $3.4 trillion in assets under management – so do the number of financial products describing themselves as ‘fossil fuel free’.

But what does ‘fossil fuel free’ mean?

As the first family of responsible and diversified fossil fuel free funds, Green Century has been engaged in this conversation from the beginning. For us, and for many others in the fossil fuel divestment movement, investing fossil fuel free means excluding all companies that extract, explore, refine or process coal, oil or natural gas, as well as fossil fired utilities.

Girl in front of wind turbinesOther funds may not use the same definition. For example, some funds may say they are fossil fuel free, but invest in gas companies.

Other firms may describe a fund as ‘low carbon’, but there is no measurable definition for that term so it can be akin to using ‘natural’ for food to imply it’s organic, but it may not be.

But, there is a simple solution: read the prospectus of the fund. The prospectus should detail which types and how fossil fuel companies are excluded, as does Green Century’s, if a fund truly avoids coal, oil and gas companies.

Read more about defining fossil fuel free investing on our website, where you can also pick up resources on fossil fuel divestment and reinvestment.

If you are already investing in the Green Century Funds, thank you for being part of this growing fossil fuel free movement and transition to a cleaner economy. If you are considering investing fossil fuel free, download our free personal guide to get started today.


Leslie Samuelrich
Green Century Capital Management

P.S. – Green Century’s fossil fuel free definition goes beyond the divestment campaign’s ask of the top 100 coal and top 100 oil and gas companies as ranked by carbon reserves. We have found that most of the people who want to avoid the companies that caused climate change are not interested in investing in company #201 either!


You should carefully consider the Funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. To obtain a Prospectus that contains this and other information about the Funds, please click here for more information, email or call 1-800-93-GREEN. Please read the Prospectus carefully before investing.

Stocks will fluctuate in response to factors that may affect a single company, industry, sector, or the market as a whole and may perform worse than the market. Bonds are subject to risks including interest rate, credit, and inflation. The Funds’ environmental criteria limit the investments available to the Funds compared to mutual funds that do not use environmental criteria.

This information has been prepared from sources believed to be reliable. The views expressed are as of the date of this writing and are those of the Advisor to the Funds.

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