Why Cross-Commodity Policies are the Next Step (Continued)


Archer Daniels Midland (ADM),* one of the top four suppliers of agricultural commodities globally, became the first company to adopt and begin implementing a no-deforestation sourcing policy for both palm oil and soy following pressure from Green Century. To demonstrate investor support for sustainable policies, Green Century spoke in favor of ADM’s new policy at its annual shareholder meeting.

A few months later, Bunge Limited,* also one of the world’s largest agricultural traders with significant influence over agricultural supply chains around the globe, announced a new cross-commodity policy that covers palm oil, soybeans, sugar, and corn. Bunge is a key supplier to major consumer goods companies including Kellogg’s,* ConAgra,* and J.M. Smucker,* all of which Green Century encouraged to adopt similar forest protection policies.

“We are racing the clock to curb climate change so when an agricultural giant like Bunge adopts a cross-commodity policy, it has the power to send waves of change throughout global supply chains,” stated Leslie Samuelrich, President of Green Century Capital Management.