October 26, 2017

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We are excited to share the news that the Green Century Funds reached a new landmark:  Assets invested in our fossil fuel free funds now exceed $500 million.

Thank you for helping us reach this milestone.

In the past five years, the Green Century Funds grew over 400% from $115 million as of September 30 of 2012 to over $500 million as of this October 20. We believe that the Funds’ growth is a result of our shareholders’ commitment to Green Century’s approach to sustainable investing, particularly our fossil fuel free strategy.

Green Century Capital Management

Assets Under Management (AUM)


More than ever, people want to make an impact through their investments. At Green Century, we are committed to helping people invest for the future without compromising their values through our three-pronged approach:

  • supporting companies leading the transition to a sustainable economy;
  • engaging directly with companies to improve their environmental practices such as protecting tropical rainforests and supporting sustainable agriculture; and
  • supporting the environmental and public health efforts of our non-profit owners, several Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs); 100% of the profits GCCM earns managing the Funds belong to the PIRGs that founded Green Century.

We are proud of the impact that Green Century investors have made over the last twenty-five years. If you are already a Green Century investor, thank you. If you have yet to invest, you can learn more about the first family of responsible, diversified and fossil fuel-free funds on our website or by calling 1-800-934-7336.


Leslie Samuelrich
Green Century Capital Management



You should carefully consider the Funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. To obtain a Prospectus that contains this and other information about the Funds, please click here for more information, email info@greencentury.com or call 1-800-934-7336. Please read the Prospectus carefully before investing.

Stocks will fluctuate in response to factors that may affect a single company, industry, sector, country, region or the market as a whole and may perform worse than the market. Foreign securities are subject to additional risks such as currency fluctuations, regional economic or political conditions, differences in accounting methods, and other unique risks compared to investing in securities of U.S. issuers. Bonds are subject to risks including interest rate, credit, and inflation. The Funds’ environmental criteria limit the investments available to the Funds compared to mutual funds that do not use environmental criteria.

This information has been prepared from sources believed to be reliable. The views expressed are as of the date of this writing and are those of the Advisor to the Funds.

The Green Century Funds are distributed by UMB Distribution Services, LLC. 235 W Galena Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212. 10/17